Parent Service Program

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In order to partner with parents, it is important to have a clear avenue for communication. The PSP exists to better serve families by providing a clear efficient way for families to resolve concerns, in a Biblical way, consistent with the mission of the school, and allowing for continuous improvement. There are various reasons for using the PSP, including suggestions for improvements at the school, concerns about safety, or egregious divergence from UVC School Policies.

  • The PSP offers a single point of contact via the PSP Representative to voice concerns and provides timely customer service, while also informing UVC Administration to be able to make data-driven decisions.
  • This PSP ensures that all concerns are addressed.
  • The PSP Rep has knowledge and authority to address concerns that are voiced.
  • The PSP maintains confidentiality and keeps accurate records for making data-driven decisions. 


PSP – Process

  1. Voice your concern via one of the following options to the PSP Representative. If there is an offense of sin, please pursue the first steps Biblical conflict/resolution (Matthew 18 Principle).
    1. Email –
    2. Phone – 541-679-4694
    3. In person by asking for the PSP Rep at the UVC Office.
    4. Write a note addressed to …

PSP Representative
c/o Umpqua Valley Christian School
18585 Dixonville Road
Roseburg, OR 97470

  1. Documentation - The PSP Rep will document the concern and have the appropriate UVC faculty or staff contact the person within 1 business day. In the case of an emergency or bullying incident reported during school hours, the Rep will connect them to a team member immediately.
  2. Plan of Action - The UVC faculty or staff member assigned to the concern will work to establish and implement a plan of action to resolve the concern. This step is the most important as it may require effort on both the part of the school and parent to discover all of the facts surrounding any concern. The parent and UVC staff member will both give input on the plan of action working to resolve the concern.
  3. Follow up – Upon implementation of the plan of action, the parent will receive an email outlining the original concern, the action plan that was completed, and the rationale for actions taken. This follow-up email will also contain a link to rate the PSP process.