Business Academy


In a global society with ever-changing technological advances,  students need knowledge and experience to succeed in the 21st century.

Using an innovative approach to learning, the role of business education is to equip students with information, media and technology skills.

The UVCS Business Academy is designed to facilitate this process by providing a classroom structure that includes critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, and collaboration involving inquiry-based activities.

The two main classes offered are Personal Finance and Introduction to Domestic and International Business.

The Personal Finance class intertwines Dave Ramsey's financial program for teens along with units covering the individualization of a career path , managing your income and expenses, making financial decisions, finding a job, while creating a real life post education budget .

The Intro to Business class teaches our teenshow the US business economy operates and how it ties in with personal resource management in both Domestic and International regions. Students will be prepared to make decisions as consumers, wage earners and citizens within the economy, based on biblical principles. They will learn how ethics in owning and operating a business tie together along with the psychology behind sales and marketing. We read and analyze the book Good To Great to integrate our Christian beliefs within our daily choices. Unit projects include: outlining a revenue stream project and creating a new product concept for retail market launch- the student's favorite unit!