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Board of Directors

The Umpqua Valley Christian School Board consists of seven members who are selected by the school board and referred to the parents for confirmation. A nominee must be confirmed by 51% of votes cast for each position. Members serve a three-year rotating term and following their first three-year term, members may serve a second three-year term if reconfirmed by students' parents.

UVC is a non-profit corporation. The Board is responsible for ensuring that school decisions align with the mission, vision, and educational philosophy of UVC and they are the keepers of school policy. The only administrative function of the UVC Board is to supervise the Head of School. All monthly school board meetings are open to the school community.

Current Board Members

  • Ky Bendele

  • Lacey Ferguson

  • Sue Gillham

  • Jeremy Gilliam

  • Dell Gray

  • Mark Misener

Do you have questions or comments for the UVC School Board?

Enter your information below and the UVC Board Chairman will receive your request. To protect anonymity, only the Board Chairman receives your inquiry. Information that is appropriate to disseminate to the rest of the board will be done through the Board Chairman.

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