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2023-2024 Scholarships

Umpqua Valley Christian School exists to partner with parents to educate and disciple students from a biblical worldview. Many Christian parents are strongly impressed with the need for a Christ-centered education and discipleship for their children, but do not always have the funds for attending a private Christian school. It is our desire to provide these scholarships for families that show a commitment to Christian education and are able to demonstrate a financial need in order to do so.

To apply for a scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year, please click on the link in our online application.

2023-2024 FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

It will be helpful for you to have the following documentation ready for the FACT Grant & Aid Assessment:

Current W-2’s or most recent tax filing

Social Security Numbers

Payment Method ($30 Assessment Fee)

Scholarship FAQ’s

How much does the assessment cost?
The FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment costs $30, paid directly to FACTS Tuition Management Company.

What are you going to do with my financial information?
The financial information provided is run through the proprietary calculation process of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to produce a Suggested Award Amount. FACTS serves over 3000 private schools with tuition management and grant assessment. The administrator overseeing scholarships at UVC can see all of the financial data entered into the system; however, the UVC Scholarship Committee is allowed to see only the Suggested Award Amount for their decision making.

Why do I need to have an interview?
We distribute our scholarships based on two factors. One is whether or not there is a financial need. The other is whether or not your family is committed to Christian education. Please review the following documents on the website to verify whether you agree with the philosophy of Christian education at UVC.

UVC Mission Statement

UVC Statement of Faith

UVC Biblical Worldview Curriculum

UVC Enrollment Agreement Provision


Can I do the interview over the phone?
The preference is to sit in person to have a conversation about your family's reasons for seeking a scholarship at UVC and whether you agree with our philosophy of education. However, there may be exceptions to completing an in-person interview. Please contact our office at 541-479-4964 if you are in need of an exception to an in-person interview.

Can I fill out the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment for a scholarship if I am not officially enrolled at Umpqua Valley Christian School?
You may fill out the FACT Grant & Aid Assessment whether you are already enrolled or not. However, UVC is not responsible for the $30 application fee and whether you are accepted for enrollment or not.

How long will I receive a scholarship?
The scholarship award term is for the 2023-2024 school year.

Can I apply for a scholarship again?
You can re-apply each year in order to receive scholarship funds for the following school year.

To whom are the scholarship dollars available?
This year we have made a portion of our scholarships available to families that already attend UVC as well as those who are new families to UVC. Scholarship dollars are available to all Kindergarten through 12th Grade students.

How much can I expect as a scholarship award?
The maximum award for scholarships at UVC is a 50% discount on tuition unless otherwise approved by the board. The actual disbursement of scholarship dollars will vary by individual applicant's needs as suggested by the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.