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To consider oneself a “servant” is a hallmark of Christian life. Jesus said that he did not come to earth to be served, but to serve. He also said that the way to success in life was to serve others. This is a paradox in today’s culture. It just does not make sense that to be first, you need to learn to make yourself last. UVC is committed to developing servant-leaders, who first look to the interests of others before they look to the interests of themselves. That is leadership, Jesus style!! We encourage our students to serve like Jesus.

Not only is serving others a Christ-like characteristic, it is also important for college entrance requirements, scholarships, or awards to which your student may wish to apply. Many colleges or award organizations are looking for young men and women who value community service and who submit a record of service in their applications. We believe this form will be helpful in the years to come,  to help your family and student record their service history.

UVC requires 100 hours of servant-leadership in order to graduate from High School. Beginning in 9th grade, this number breaks down to 25 hours per year/12.5 hours per semester/6.25hours per quarter/half an hour per week. There are many opportunities to serve in our community. 

Servant leadership opportunities are all around us, but here are a few that UVC recommends for our students.  For more information about these organizations, click on the links below.

Family Development Center

YMCA Partner Sports Camp

Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center

Hope Clinic for Women

Camp Millennium

Safe Haven Maternity Home