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Jade Graham
Jade Graham
High School Weight Training
Phone: 541 530 1405

Mrs.Graham became the weight training teacher at UVC in 2020. She loves to watch students start to see the bigger picture in why physical activity or weight training is so beneficial in so many aspects of their own lives. She also loves seeing students start to take ownership and responsibility of their training as they continue to feed this desire to get stronger and then get to see the results of their hard work. Mrs.Graham attended UVC and Roseburg in high school and then graduated from OSU with a degree in science and exercise in sports science with a focus in fitness and nutrition. Before teaching she had been a lifeguard, fitness instructor, medical receptionist, coach, and now enjoys her most fulfilling role as a wife and mother.

Mrs.Graham loves to go on quick trips with her husband and two sons, getting together over a meal with friends, and golfing. They attend Covenant Life Fellowship and just love to laugh and have a good time together. She has also entered a few different golf tournaments and loved the competitive experience.